Statement of Support of Rescission of DACA


Matthew Vitale; External Vice Chair, UCR College Republicans

(951) 809-6403

RIVERSIDE, CA—5 September 2017: The College Republicans at UC Riverside unequivocally support President Donald Trump’s rescission of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, or DACA. The program does nothing but promote and incentivize illegal immigration, and its rescission is welcome and needed.

The President’s decision to rescind DACA ends the processing of new applications and gives Congress a 6-month window to pass legislation to replace DACA before the program will be permanently ended. DACA constituted a wholly unconstitutional overreach of power that was sadly typical of then-President Obama’s administration and encouraged illegal immigrants to flaunt our immigration system, further damaging our already-tenuous control of the nation’s borders.

America’s immigration system has flaws, but it is the law of the land. It must be upheld, and the rescission of DACA is the first step in doing so.


2 thoughts on “Statement of Support of Rescission of DACA

  1. The only Flaw there is regarding “immigration laws” here in the U.S. is not the law but the people with the authority to enforce it. What i resent is the lack of enforcement of our laws which have led to the complete disregard of the law period. Our military is supposed to be top notch but they are useless in their own country. Its hard to respect the armed forces when they dont keep their own country safe. I am quite literally serious. How many people are killed/raped/kidnapped/beat/robbed/burglarized etc.. by illegals, daily? Illegals have laughed and said they are here to take what they want and challenge us to stop them. Im a racist because i expect people to respect and follow our laws? If thats what its called now then your damn right im racist! Im a UNITED STATES racist and im going to stand firm in my belief that a person who comes here illegaly is flawed in character and i dont want those kind of people mixing with the Superior Native Peoples and those who Emmigrated legally to this Great Nation. I do believe there is something wrong with people who dont see a problem sneaking into my home! I demand they be arrested and removed!

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  2. I agree that illegal aliens, regardless of their motivation to pursue a better life for themselves and their children (etc, etc), have chosen to take the initial step toward this better life by breaking the law. This invalidates all the fine moral posturing and virtue-signaling by their facilitators and sets the illegals up for further future problems.


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