Immigration Is Not a Right—and it Shouldn’t Be

As a nation formed by immigrants, many think it hypocritical not to accept those fleeing oppression or seeking a better life. Leftists and liberal Republicans preoccupied with social justice espouse these ideals and, pointing to America’s “privileged” position, claim that we are duty-bound to accept almost anyone who shows up at our borders or washes up on our shores, regardless of whether they can contribute to our economy or not. They also generally fret over the Attorney General’s decision to attempt to cut funding to sanctuary cities, as part of a broader crackdown on illegal immigration. Over the years, countless immigrants have entered the United States. My mother and her family were some of them. Until recently, most immigrants came to the US, found employment of some sort, and attempted to assimilate as much as possible into mainstream American culture. That mindset has been lost among many of the new generation of immigrants. The rise of illegal immigrant pride has largely contributed to that, as undocumented people come to the US, band together, refuse to assimilate, break our laws, and proceed to demand taxpayer-funded social programs to bail them out of a situation they put themselves in. America needs to become much more selective with the people allowed to enter this country. While immigrants do contribute to American culture, American culture does not drive the economy. High wage, high skill jobs drive the economy. There is a problem when the Department of Homeland Security finds that of the 12.8 million total legal permanent residents in the US, less than 8% in the past decade have come on the high-skilled-labor H-1B visa.

In the borderless utopia the left would have us live in, refugees are free to enter the country and escape persecution; undocumented workers are free to come here and find meaningful employment. In the dystopian reality the left fails to recognize, terrorists infiltrate the refugee population, as the Islamic State has vowed to do. Criminal illegal aliens take refuge in sanctuary cities and commit horrific crimes against innocent people.


Written By: Matthew Vitale

Executive Editor, The New American Right

Vice President, College Republicans at UCR

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