The Russia Collusion Story is Just That: a Story

There seems to be no story the media enjoys covering more than the supposed Donald Trump-Russia collusion “scandal.” Despite the fact that the investigation has been active for close to one year with no concrete evidence of collusion, the story is paraded as the modern-day Watergate. To refresh readers, the US Code section that defines … Continue reading The Russia Collusion Story is Just That: a Story

The Free Market and Capitalism

Depending on one’s political ideology, free market capitalism either describes the engine of the United States’ economic might or the cause of crushing income inequality. To better understand why these two definitions are such opposites, the terms must first be correctly defined. While the two are often conflated, capitalism and the free market are not … Continue reading The Free Market and Capitalism

The Minimum Wage Hurts. Here’s Why

Twenty-nine states and the District of Columbia, including the great State of California, have minimum wages higher than the federal wage. The misguided and ultimately destructive practice of raising the minimum wage has become in vogue, but, it is important to note that the higher minimum wage does not have any positive impact on cities … Continue reading The Minimum Wage Hurts. Here’s Why

Immigration Is Not a Right—and it Shouldn’t Be

As a nation formed by immigrants, many think it hypocritical not to accept those fleeing oppression or seeking a better life. Leftists and liberal Republicans preoccupied with social justice espouse these ideals and, pointing to America’s “privileged” position, claim that we are duty-bound to accept almost anyone who shows up at our borders or washes … Continue reading Immigration Is Not a Right—and it Shouldn’t Be

The Unconstitutionality of Sanctuary Policies

In the United States, 167 cities and counties and four states have some type of sanctuary policy in place. This means that four states and 167 local jurisdictions routinely practice a violation of federal immigration law. These policies run the gamut from mild policies that give law enforcement discretion as to whether or not to … Continue reading The Unconstitutionality of Sanctuary Policies